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Travel to Japan - Day 1 - Roppongi Tokyo

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Approaching the land of the rising sun... i saw the first glimpse of the sun through the window.

After 9 hours of air travel through All Nippon Airlines... our exhaustion was wiped out as soon as we set foot in Narita Airport.

Our first agenda was to arrange for our Japan Travel Pass. It took so long due to very long and tedious process by the staff which almost wore off our patience. Then we had to walk all the way across the other wing and find our way to queue separately to get our Suica Adult tickets then another wing for the Suica Kids tickets... honestly i found that insane!

While waiting for our bus ride, and since it was already lunch time - we decided to eat our very first authentic bento! Yummmmy!

Finally, for almost 2 hours bus travel and more street walking and getting lost... we found our hotel 😅

We had a bit of rest at the hotel then Dad decided to checkout the Observatory in Tokyo city.

We had a go for the first time taking the train ride.

Feeling lost yet?!

Just finding myself overwhelmed with the train network so i just relied on my street smarts to find our way from one train transfer to another... 😂

Undeniably, this was the longest subway walk i did in my lifetime! No wonder Japanese folks are so slim... we have been cruisin’ this subway for 30 minutes 😆 (kainis!)

‘We all walked all the way here for nothing?’ Blurted out my li’l one only to find out with all the other days, it was only today the Observatory was closed. 😂

So we decided to just have dinner and hopped on to another train ride... then my kid blurted out again - ‘we came all the way here to have dinner?!’ 😆

Honestly, this is the most overrated and expensive street food i had in my life.... well we came here for experience and thus we enjoyed nevertheless. 😁

I just love the vibe in here and really popular to tourists!

Well that wraps up our first day and we‘re now all exhausted. Lol!

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