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Travel Japan - Day 16 - “Let’s lose our way, together”

... is the slogan of Ghibli Museum in Mitaka.

If you are a Ghibli fan, consider visiting this place. You get to appreciate the art and effort how your favourite characters come to life!

Photos and videos inside the museum are not allowed inside the building so all we have are photos taken outside.

Just pointers when visiting, there are no on-site sale of tickets so best to source out valid agents where to buy your tickets from.

When you are looking for variety for your collection, there are more choices in character shop at the 1st Avenue Tokyo Station Shopping Center.

Our experience started by hopping on Cat Bus.

We explored inside the maze-like building.

This photo shows a map of the building. Starting our way at the (10) information center, kids decided to climb up the spiral staircase while us, the adults, decided to skip the stairs but instead ride the elevator. We ended up ‘getting lost’ and enjoyed the experience of finding our way! Getting lost in this building actually meant that although we see each other across the corridors, we were on different levels. 🤪 Adults ended up at (3) Museum Shop while kids ended up at (5) Special Exhibit Room. Kids were calling me across the hallway and just finding their way to come and join us in the shop of course!

This is not a crowded place as the organisers control the number of visitors (extremely organised). Visitors are only to enter at the time indicated on your tickets.

After we finish exploring the exhibits and watching an exclusive animated short movie at the (8) screening room, we went back to Mitaka town centre and had our late lunch.

Then I found this cheese tart... so oishi and creamy! 😋

For the rest of the afternoon, we just spent time traversing through the extremely crowded subway during rush hour!

Trains were packed like sardines. 😫 Gladly we have options and chose the less crowded train.

On our way home, I wanted to drink Yakult (i assume it’s popular in Japan) but I can’t find anywhere but instead Dad bought this as alternative. I prefer this one and I find it tastes better. 😉

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