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Travel Japan - Day 15 - The World’s Most Popular Castle

... for kids and kids at heart!

Yes we arrived in Tokyo from Osaka the night before, and no this castle is not in Tokyo!

The Hogwarts Castle is in Universal Studios in Osaka. 😅

Don’t ask me what happened but it happened so to cut it short; we were back in Osaka (yes, because it‘s what parents do!). 🥰

The one of many advantages to have the JR rail pass, it made travelling between cities just a Shinkansen away! 😅

That morning, we ate our complimentary hotel breakfast... 😶

We took the JR transfer train from Kanda Station in Tokyo to board the Hikari Shinkansen on the way back to Osaka for the day. 😆

I was truly amazed with the standards of services here in Japan! The train crew in pink were so efficient, they were timed to clean and prepare the seats for the next passengers!

I always had no chance to take a photo of this fast train... but here it was, in full stop... getting cleaned so luckily I finally got a good shot! 😺

Finally, made it back to Osaka then as soon as we arrived at Universal Studios, there was only 1 place kids wanted to go to! 🤩

Some random photos at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 🤗

We ate lunch at the Three Broomsticks while enjoying a mug of cold butterbeer! 😋

What’s for dessert?

Then we visited Ollivanders’ and the wands chose the girls. 😉

Nah... they chose theirs! 😆

Waving their wands to reveal the magic!

Saw performances from the tri-wizard students....

Photo time... why not!

Then into the castle to experience a thrilling ride... 😬

It was all about Harry’s world, we checked out the other amusement themes but girls were not really into it. 😆

It was early dinner and visited the New York themed park... reminiscing 😍

Then a halloween special to scare us and it was effective to our little one! 😱

Bye bye Osaka! What a day!

Then, we’re back in Tokyo! 🤪

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