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Travel Japan - Day 17 - Lights, Smokes and Mirrors

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I felt eerie getting into this dark room but at the same time I was so fascinated with the idea of combining very simple and basic elements of lights and mirrors to create a new concept of interactive digital art.

We had fun painting ourselves digitally 😁

Most of the exhibits are interactive and responds to your silhouette.

An immersive and entertaining experience, you can’t help to be wowed!

Do you want to control the weather? With an app on the palm of your hands and thousands of LED... sure you can! 😁😉

Kids enjoyed and adults too! You get to colour your animal, scan it, then voila it’s up swimming on the wall or crawling on the floor.

One room was also entirely a room of suspended lamps....

And plus heaps more! You can spend your good half day here. In case you were wondering, this place is in Daiba, Tokyo within the Palette Town Centre close to the massive ferris wheel.

The surrounds in Daiba are very modern looking too, and you get to see the rainbow bridge (although it was unlit when I saw it...).

We grabbed a quick bite... brain freeze! 😆 Then checked out this shopping mall... reminds me of Atlantic City vibe.

It was already late afternoon when we hopped off the train from Daiba.

Dad wanted to visit the anime precinct and so did we.

We checked out a popular dining place but fully booked so we went for the next available restaurant. I realised that Kobe beef is more available in Osaka.

Yamagata beef is available in Tokyo. 😋

Kampai! (means cheers in Japan) to this amazing meal. The sushi is raw beef by the way!

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