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Travel Japan - Day 14 - Tokyo

We boarded the Hikari Shinkansen (the fastest service available for JRS pass tickets) today on our way to Tokyo. It only took about 2.5 hours from Osaka.

The weather was cloudy and it felt a bit gloomy outside.

When we arrived in Tokyo Station, it was soooooo busy, extremely crowded, fast paced, and total chaos!

Although I am unsure if this was normal or it was after the fact that commuters were stranded due to previously disrupted trains caused by Typhoon Hagibis. 😳😬

We ate at Maccas.... And btw, Maccas is a quick stop aka hub for charging points unlike anywhere I know what Mc Donald’s food chain would normally feel like when dining in. 😅

I wanted to show here how a typical charging hub station at Maccas in all the cities we’ve been to in Japan. There are no comfortable chairs, mostly you are standing or just a bar stool to support your self while quickly finishing your food. 🤔

Wow these girls are train setters! (my dream team) ...

... but in reality would be more of this 😹

We checked-in, relaxed a bit and had dinner.

We tried our first Kubota sake! I enjoyed the taste of it... a hint of marshmallowy but not sweet and so easy to drink with smooth finish.

I have chosen this sake to pair for our 5–types (thawed) sashimi. 😂 Excuse me for my ignorance but I had THE best sashimi (freshly caught seafood) experience in Osaka so this thawed plate of sashimi is not to my liking at all (if ever this is how the dish is normally served)!

It made sense how it took the sashimi so long to be served! We finished the first round of food for quite a while ago!

That was it for today!

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