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Travel Japan - Day 8 - Kyoto

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

We woke up to a gloomy morning. There was a bit of drizzle so there was nothing much we could do but to take cover - and strike a pose! 🤣

And while waiting for the rain to stop, kids just offered coins and observed local tradition by bowing.

As the rain eased just a bit, we found our way through the alley way of the Kyomizudera Temple.

Then found this local art gallery for traditional tea ceremony and dine ware. Luckily we witnessed a local artist creating the intricate artwork for Satsuma ware. (Photographed with permission from the artist).

Just directly above the art gallery was a dessert cafe aka Kiraku; and serving their dishes using some of the wares on display in the art exhibit (lucky!)

After having our morning tea, we were headed to our casual tea ceremony experience.

Not that we got lost but Dad took this alternate route ... i felt a bit creepy walking along the tombstones... it just weirded me out! 😣

We arrived at Jotokuji Temple for our casual tea ceremony.

Our host, Miki, introduced us around the temple and explained briefly about saying prayer and giving respect.

Then, she lead us into the tea room.

She introduced to us the history of tea making, the utensils used, and then demonstrated the art and etiquette while attending tea ceremony!

Then it was our turn to prepare our own tea. But first, she gave us sweets to eat it first to sweeten the palate.

After scooping the matcha powder, adding hot water then whisking it... we were to pick-up the bowl, turning in clockwise twice then make a loud sip down to the last drop!

After the tea ceremony, we thanked our host then we found a nearby place to grab our lunch. It was almost 2pm. We tried the yakiniku (korean-inspired) cuisine.

Later that afternoon, we scampered our way to Fushimi Inari - a popular tourist destination for photoshoot!

When we arrived it was soooooooo crowded.

I just needed that one money shot and I was so pleased i got it!!! 🤗

We didn’t have to spend a lot of time here!

We managed our way to the original Ippudo Tea House. We had sencha tasting and got myself my very own matcha preparation set! 😉

I was on a quest to have my personal matcha bowl. We were just finding our way around the area then we came across this massive shopping precinct!

Teramachi at night.

In here, i found my matcha bowl! Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photo of it inside the shop and they have wrapped in a gift box. 😅

Dad wishes to experience kaiseki dining and he found this place not so far from where we were.

Tagoto is the name of restaurant and the experience was superb!

Here are some obligatory shots 😅

That‘s it....

We are done for the day!

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