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Travel Japan - Day 6 - Kyoto

Today was full-on!

Starting at 9am, we went to the kimono fitting shop near Gion area.

On our way, we saw a crew of firemen stretching out for their morning ritual. Also kyoto streets remind me of Quiapo, but 100x cleaner!

We spent more than an hour of kimono choosing, colour-pairing and fitting!

Then we took the taxi to Gion area for styled-photoshoot!

We learned a lot about this traditional attire. I felt that the locals treat the dressing-up ritual seriously! Our host also helped us with tips on how to ride the cab the best way when in kimono. ☺️

Here are behind the scenes styled-photoshoot around Gion and Maruyama Park. Yes! That’s a real samurai (just kiddin’).

But of course... the ladies of the day!

Some random shots around the park. It is known that the tree at the centre of the park is the oldest cherry blossom tree in Kyoto. The other building in the photo is also the location used for the movie The Last Samurai. And a busker from a galaxy far, far away...

Then after we returned the kimono and ate a super quick Maccas, we took a cab to meet someone at the famous tourist area of bamboo forest.

If that wasn’t enough yet... we also managed a styled-photoshoot along the bridge of Arashiyama!

Later that evening, we took the train to meetup with wedding vendors... I was in awe how my kids were so patient and kind to me that day! 😅

My kids were super troopers that I was able to drag them along in our super busy day for a late night business meeting with potential local collaborators in the wedding industry! Wheww!

Long day indeed but super delighted and can’t wait to process the styled-photoshoot photos!!!

Aww towards the night, the girls and I just enjoying each other’s curly hair looks....😁

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