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Travel Japan - Day 5 - Kyoto

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Well there is nothing much about Kyoto here at the moment but more of our train ride experience onboard the Shinkansen aka bullet aka maglev train on our way to our next city - Kyoto! 😁

We checked-out at exactly 8am ish 😆 and kids will be kids!

Upon checkout, we took a cab to the main station....

The sun was out and the sky was clear... the top of Mt. Fuji was visible!

From Fujikawaguchiko train station, it took about 1.5 hours by bus to Mishima station. Kids just trying their best to entertain themselves, and so were we. 😆

Dad bought tickets through the self-serve kiosk (now that is confidence... feeling local)! 😁

Nice try but we had to go back to the ticket station for assistance. Apparently, you need 2 tickets to board the train. One for the express service then the other is the fee to board the train. Thankfully, a local helped us interpret the explanation of the ticket officer!

Finally, we were in the station and I missed the chance to snap a shot of the front of the train (almost!) - even the deceleration of the train is so fast my travel camera has soooo relatively slow shutter! (these are times i needed my professional cam but it was’t available to me at that moment 😢).

Well, moving on... some typical obligatory shots inside the train. 😁 (and also, we missed the fastest train - Hikari; so we were on board the slowest of the fastest - Kodoma 😂😅).

Whew! Finally we arrived in Kyoto at 2pm. I did try my best again using my travel cam to take snap shot of the snout but it was too much difficult for me while kids were whining in the background. 😅 So i decided to drop it then I just need luck next time!

After check-in, we had our late lunch - our first ramen in the country!!!! yumm!

Although it wasn’t easy to order - the menu wasn’t in english and the staff doesn’t speak english too 😅 We kinda relied on the photos!

Also a handy app used by Dad that translates to english.

Yep! You’ve guessed it right - only in Japan is an alcohol-free alcohol drink. 😅😅

Huh! It’s been a long day... time to chill and a long day ahead awaits - looking forward to a successful day tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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