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Travel Japan - Day 4 - Mt. Fuji

Ryokan experience for me didn’t do well for my back... it’s too firm and stiff.

Nevertheless, we did enjoy the unique experience! Starting off the day was a samurai (well kinda) dress-up for Dad during meal time. The kids had a savoury soup of picachu. While adults enjoyed a good sip of tea and cup noodles in the common traditional dining area.

It was raining this morning, thankfully the thunderstorm settled down and now we are ready to explore and see the wonders of Mt. Fuji! A short walk from our ryokan, we took the red line at the nearest bus stop. 

One fact we learned today is that passengers are to board the bus through the middle door then alight through the front door. Thankfully Dad always read the rules of the locals. ☺️

One of the most popular viewing spots of Mt. Fuji is by Lake Kawaguchiko. There are two viewing options. 

First option was through the ropeway. 

Here are the views at the top of the cable.

And here were some random shots of kids goofing around while I was working to creat that Mt. Fuji money shot (finger’s crossed)!

The second option is via a ferry ride.

And here are some views...

Then,we had a bit of a rest and just checking out some local produce.

Later that the day, we decided to visit the town of Gotemba. So we went to the main bus terminal to catch the bus going to the Gotemba Brand Outlet! 🤩

When we first arrived in Mt. Fuji, we never noticed that the volcano is viewable from where we were since it was too cloudy when we first arrived. 

Here are the views from the main bus terminal station.

After the 2-hour bus ride to Gotemba Premium Outlet (first we had to think twice if it was worth the fare and time... but since we were done for the day — so decided to pay a visit). 

Upon arrival, the site offered another stunning view of Mt. Fuji!

We immediately saw a familiar New York fast food chain... we were starving and decided to grab a quick bite straight away.

Then we scouted some shops in the area. Here are the girls just lousily enjoying the stroll.

Anywhere you walk around, there were always a nice view of the volcano... here are more photos!

Well it was a very long day but satisfying!

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