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Travel Japan - Day 2 - Roppongi Tokyo

The most important meal of the day is breakfast, so we decided to skip the as per usual hotel breakfast and went local!

Just across the hotel, we found this quaint place and they have best-value hearty meals 😊 This is what a typical morning breakfast for locals. Also they mix their rice with raw eggs... Dad went for it but I decided for soft boiled instead as my tummy may not be ready yet.

After our meal, we took the train ride to visit Meiji Jingu Shrine (now getting used to trains and long walks 😁). The entrance to the shrine has massive wooden features and we won’t miss out to have our photo taken!

Just a short stroll into the woods, before entering the inner walls of the palace - tourists are advised to wash their hands to the flowing water as a symbol of respect.

Photos were only allowed at this part of the shrine.

Calligraphy was fee-payable while Stamping experience was available for free. So kids stamped their heart away!

More random snapshots while in the Meiji Jingu Shrine.

One activity most tourists also do whilst in the shrine is writing their wishes then either you hang it as a calligraphy art or seal it in an envelope.

After our visit, we quicky grabbed a bite at the cafe, took the train then headed to the Imperial Palace.

We checked out the old garrisons structures and guard houses used in WW2.

Another building we saw was the tea ceremony house.

On our way to the koi pond, we decided to have a rest for a bit and walked through the shaddy woods. We also saw this long-legged spider.

After a quick rest, we continued with the site visit and checked out the koi pond - although there were no kois in the pond. 😁

Feelin’ thirsty? There are heaps of vending machine everywhere and also there are available drinking fountains accessible for the public!

Kids are very tired now and we decided to head back to the hotel.

On our way to the train station, i saw this contrast of Aussie and Japanese school kids. I don’t know any parent back in Aus allowing their kids to go to school by themselves at such a young age! But look at the Japanese kids and they are very independent even at their early life.

Kids will be kids 😂 The road is soooo wide and spacious but decides to walk on the side concrete 😂

More walks on our way to the hotel. I find that their city plan is designed with maximised used of space and it reminds me of Ayala except it is 100x clean! I just noticed Tokyo is so clean even it is very populated!

Towards the evening, girls start craving for sushi roll so tried a popular sushi place visited by Manny Pacquiao in Roppongi Hills.

And to top the day, we indulged to sugary treat of green tea ice cream...yummy!

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