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Travel Japan - Day 13 - Hiroshima

After the Shinkansen trains were suspended the night before, we decided to spend the night in Hiroshima. We were so lucky we were able to book the last room within our budget despite the high volume of stranded commuters. 🙏

We started the morning with full breakfast and a drip coffee on a mug! Another idea I saw only in Japan. 😊

We visited the Hiroshima Shrine where the first atomic bomb exploded in Japan back in 1945 during World War 2.

Then we also sounded the bell to send wishes of peace to those who were victims of the bomb.

We offered our respect by bowing while observing a moment of silence.

Then on our way to the bus stop, the girls ran around the fountain! ... kids 🤣😅

We went to this popular place in Okonomi-mura and tried okonomiyaki that Hiroshima is known for. 😋

The stalls offer the same food, we just chose the stall with availability and kind-hearted host who allowed our kids to sit with us. 😍

Another fact in Japan service. You are only allowed to sit if you order food. So we asked our kids to sit near the stall but not with us since we were only ordering for 2 adults (kids didn’t want to try the food). The cook, was so kind that he called for my kids to sit with us, which meant giving up 2 seats for potential customers. We were in luck as we arrived early and the stalls were not that crowded yet.

We sat back and enjoyed watching how okonomiyaki was prepared. 😁

The kids had fun watching and were curious with the taste. 😋

After a special feel-good lunch, Shinkansens were back on track and trains were operating again. It was time to head back to Osaka!

On our way to the train station, we just had random encounters with local mascots.

The other day back in Osaka, we saw a shop sign and we thought we continue a series for each of us. So in general, if you summarise each person a smidge of our individualities - it would be sorta like this:

On the way to the bullet train, we took the local tram. Personally, i found it so unsafe. The waiting area is in the middle of the road. You have to cross the street and stay in the middle lane to wait for the incoming tran. And when it arrives, literally your toes are almost touching the edge of the tram tracks. 😆😢😳

Boarding the Sakura - a Shinkansen train bound for Osaka. Here were my phone shots...

We arrived in Osaka then went back straight to the hotel feeling so exhausted! 😂

But not for me, exhausted as I was... I had to do some work for my client who really really needed my help. 😍🥰

My clients come first! 🤗🤩 Thankfully I have my cute little Totoro to keep me boosted!

After few hours, I took a quick nap to recharge.

Then we went out for quick drinks and just experienced the Osaka night life. We found Green Spot Secret Garden over the thousands of choices! Seriously overwhelming. 🤯

We enjoyed the place, it was great for intimate time with small group. Photo credits to Dad using his Android phone.

We continued exploring the crowded streets of Shinsaibashi and Dad wanted to try the premium wagyu beef - Saga and Yamata beef.... paired with local Japanese Whisky.

The Saga beef literally melted in the mouth (no need to try for Kobe if you tried Saga)... 😋

Maybe we can try Matsusaka Beef next time.🤤

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