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Travel Japan - Day 12 - Hiroshima

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Woke up to rainy Osaka... during this time Typhoon Hagibis had struck in Tokyo area.

Our prayers for everyone in Japan right now.

Dad decided to go west opposite to the direction of the weather to experience a bit of sun.

So off to Hiroshima for the day.

We arrived in Hiroshima after about 2.5 hours aboard the Shinkansen train (usually 5 hours by car).

The town was so windy but no rain.

We grabbed a quick snack popular in Hiroshima - Momiji Manjyu.

Then, we boarded the ferry going to Miyajima Island.

Upon arrival on the island, we bought our little girl a face mask.

A lot of locals wore the same while others had fancier looking. I did ask my host yesterday the purpose for it and she replied for fashion. 🧐

O-Torii gate is a symbol of the island and popular for tourists although currently covered and under repair. 😢

Yup, this was what we saw but it could have been like this. 🥺

Instead, we just made most of the time and explored the area.

There are heaps of interesting shops and cafes. Girls won’t miss out to grab themselves these fluffy ice cream sandwich!

In case you were wondering what were those dark blobs submerged in water - oysters!!!

Hiroshima is known for the largest oysters in Japan! I should have captured this with my fingers for perspective but this seafood was 4 times more plump than my thumb! 😳

On our way back to the mainland, the sun peeked through the clouds and I can’t help myself but to frame this shot. I don’t have my professional cam with me but I am very pleased with this slice of time (thankfully I have this in raw format and can’t wait to process it soon). ☺️

Crepuscular rays over Hiroshima

Artist: Ros Pereira

Date: 12/10/2019

Time: 14:59

Settings: f/11 ISO 125 1/500th

Hopefully, these rays spread out toward the direction of typhoon. 🙏

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