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Travel Japan - Day 10 - Bound for Osaka

Japan is known for its unique designs, more popularly the heated-sitting toilets and hi-tech operations! But I never really try to understand what each of the buttons mean. So I thought I use an app to translate what it says.

Just a reminder to those who are easily offended with the word used in the photo. I am simply sharing what the app has given me.

Moving on!

We started our day with endless complimentary refreshments.

With our drinks in take-away cups, we decided to have our breakfast at the closest cafe just across the road.

As soon as I was out of the hotel door, I finished my cup of mocha. Then I realised, in the last nine days we‘ve been in Japan, public bins are extremely limited if not rarely available!

So I ended up holding an empty cup the rest of the time until I got the chance to dispose it off. 😂

So here are my two cents as to why I think majority of the places that I have seen are clean. Having no bins accessible to the public can be an effective approach if you want to keep the surroundings clean. This means the effort to throw rubbish is passing the responsibility to whoever owns the rubbish to dispose of it properly.

Anyway, today we were bound for Osaka. There are no Shinkansen trains from Nara but only the Rapid Train service.

We were waiting at the wrong platform and we had to quickly transfer platforms in less than 3 minutes.

Dad’s look while catching his breath after the rush.

We arrived in Osaka after an hour. We dropped off our bags at the hotel then looked for a lunch place.

Dad waited for this long to have his first takoyaki in Osaka! He read that Osaka is known for it. 😁

Not far from the hotel was a good find. They offer lunch special combo meal of takoyaki, yakisoba and okonomiyaki! I agree... oishi! 😚

The next on the agenda was to visit Osaka Castle. Dad was a bit disoriented so big sister was to the rescue!

So to ease the kids from the warm breeze, we decided to cool down a bit!

Then we took the chuchu train ride to Osaka Castle.

Here were some quick shots around the moat overlooking Osaka Castle.

Nothing much exciting here but the girls paused by the bridge, enjoyed more looking at the family of ducks, started laughing, making jokes and telling pretend stories about the duck family. 😂

I even had to grab them away from the bridge to continue with our walk.

And just opposite of the Osaka Castle is the view of the Business District.

We went back to the hotel and that was it for the day!

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